AFC Series - Submersible Cutter Pumps

  • AFC Series - Submersible Cutter Pumps

●  New AFC cutter pumps, with a tungsten carbide edged impeller, are perfect for pumping sewage and breaking/tearing solids in sewage treatment plants.

●  International standard design : Epoxy Resin Sealed cable, motor protector, dry-motor, silicon carbide mechanical seal, high grade cast iron offering highest quality and performance.

●  Double Mechanical Seal: Superior abrasion resistant mechanical seal manufactured with silicon carbide to ensure the best seal effect.

●  In order to make sure the highest quality of products, HCP Pump installed professional assembly lines and applied strict quality control measures during the assembly and final product release.

Technical Table of Contents (PDF)

✉ AFC 50Hz

✉ AFC 60Hz



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50Hz                                                                                                                60Hz




  Drainage of waste water containing fibrous additives from leather factory, dyeing factory and food processing factory.

  Sewage management, accumulated water, septic tank, stock farm.

  Drainage of waste water from the attenuation tank, purifying tank and sewage tank in water treatment plant.

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